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Election 2006 is Over; Election 2007 Has Already Begun

Next fall, all of the members of the Virginia House and Senate will be up for election. 

There are a number of state legislators who stood with The Commonwealth Coalition from the beginning of the campaign and who volunteered to serve as members of our Council of Elected Leaders. 

Others voted NO during the legislative consideration of the proposed amendment and worked diligently during the campaign to persuade voters to say NO to discrimination speaking on behalf of The Coalition and on their own to thousands of voters.

Still others were yes voters during legislative consideration of the amendment but had the courage to stand up during the campaign and urge voters to reject Ballot Question #1. 

All of these folks will need and deserve your support in the 2007 contests and beyond:

Council of Elected Leaders

Senator John Edwards

Senator Janet Howell

Senator Mamie Locke

Senator Patsy Ticer

Senator Mary Margaret Whipple

Delegate Bob Brink

Delegate Adam Ebbin

Delegate Al Eisenberg

Delegate David Englin

Delegate Bob Hull

Delegate David Marsden

Delegate Donald McEachin (although he voted yes in the 2006 session, he joined the Advisory Council and the Council of Elected Leaders in spring 2006, saying he had made a mistake)

Delegate Brian Moran

Delegate Ken Plum

Delegate David Poisson

Delegate Jim Scott

Delegate Vivian Watts

Consistent NO Voters and Supporters:

Senator Benjamin Lambert

Senator Louise Lucas

Senator Henry Marsh

Senator Toddy Puller

Senator Dick Saslaw 

Delegate Kris Amundson

Delegate Mamye BaCote

Delegate David Bulova

Delegate Chuck Caputo

Delegate Jennifer McClellan

Delegate Harvey Morgan

Delegate Jim Shuler

Delegate Mark Sickles

Delegate David Toscano

Delegate Shannon Valentine

Delegate Jeion Ward

Yes Voters Who Changed to NO:

Senator Creigh Deeds

Delegate Ken Alexander 

Delegate Frank Hall

Delegate Dwight Jones

Delegate Steve Shannon

Delegate Katherine Waddell

Please join me in thanking these leaders for their willingness to Stand Up and Speak Out against Ballot Question #1 and for their support of our campaign!


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