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The Current AG Issues “Advisory Opinion” re: so-called Marriage Amendment — Result? Dueling Legal Memos

The current Attorney General, who voted for the Marshall/Newman amendment while in the House of Delegates and has campaigned for its passage and raised money for proponents issued an opinion today saying all it does is define marriage.  Of course he did. 

Bottom line now is that there are dueling legal opinions out there.  A 70 page memo, which is the result of more than 600 hours of legal work that has been endorsed by two former AGs and a former Republican candidate for Attorney General, and a 13 page legal opinion issued to the legislative patrons of the Marshall/Newman amendment by AG Bob McDonnell.

So, what’s a concerned voter to do?  Vote NO.

Why would any voter vote to put language in our constitution that generates diametrically opposed legal opinions by lawyers and legal scholars?

Why would any voter vote to put language in our constitution that is sure to generate litigation over these opposing views?

Bob McDonnell said today that any constitutional amendment is followed by a period of legal uncertainty. 

What he didn’t say is why voters should vote to invite such a period of uncertainty into their lives and businesses.

The AG offered NO reason today, compelling or otherwise, for making this major change in our constitution or for taking the legal risk that he is wrong and the more than 100 lawyers on the other side are right.

Voters should tell these folks that half-baked ideas don’t belong in our constitution.  Voters should send Bob McDonnell a message and vote NO.


September 14, 2006 - Posted by | politics of marriage, unintended consequences

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