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Lots of folks don’t know that George Mason isn’t just the mascot of a Northern Virginia university that made the NCAA final four … he’s the author of Virginia’s Declaration of Rights that became the Bill of Rights in our Virginia Constitution and was the model for Jefferson’s declaration of independence and the federal bill of rights! 

Mason’s work became the first document of government in the world that gave individuals inalienable rights against the government!  It’s Mason’s bill of rights that the Marshall/Newman amendment seeks to amend in Ballot Question #1 to take away rights from all unmarried individuals.

We the People PAC, a Coalition member organization, has been leading the charge to educate Virginia voters about our extraordinary constitutional history and the threat to our bill of rights.

Linda Monk, one of the founders of the We the People PAC had a great OpEd on point published in the Richmond Times Dispatch, A Higher Standard: Defending Virginia’s Declaration of Rights.  After offering an important lesson about our history, she said:

Virginia has a higher standard, and a higher responsibility, when changing its cherished Declaration of Rights. As Virginians, we have a special duty to defend the core idea of constitutionalism: that our highest form of law should express fundamental rights, not become a referendum on the issues of the day.

In this, she clearly sounds her agreement with Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson, who says voters should “Leave constitutions alone.”

You can join We the People PAC in celebrating and defending Virginia’s special constitutional history at an event at Gunston Hall on September 17th.  Go to George Mason’s home, learn more about the Declaration of Rights, find out how you can help defend our bill of rights!

Details follow:

We the People PAC invites you to join Senator Toddy Puller, Del. Kris Amundson, Del. Adam Ebbin, Del. David Englin, Del. Dave Marsden, Del. David Poisson, Del. Mark Sickles, Congressional candidate Andrew Hurst (11th District), and other dignitaries at a rally to oppose the Marshall-Newman amendment at Gunston Hall on Sunday, September 17, at 3:30 p.m. 

Please come with your family, view the exhibits, then join us at the picnic area for the rally. Admission fee of $8.00 is required.

Gunston Hall is the home of George Mason, the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights.  The Marshall-Newman Amendment would change Virginia’s historic bill of rights for the first time to take away rights, rather than protect them. 


September 13, 2006 - Posted by | limited government, politics of marriage, straight couples, unintended consequences


  1. Amending our world-renowned Declaration of Rights to exclude a very large class of citizens from some of the most basic rights of all, including the right to choose your life companion. How sad and humiliating for our state if this passes.

    I think many of the older generation “get” this point right away, even better than lots of young folks. This might be one reason why so mant of the over-60 set at my church have been jumping in the bad wagin to oppose this sick amendment.
    Most of them remember Joseph McCarthy, and many rememebr the days when black Virginians were told exactly which rights they were to be excluded from. They’ev seen Jim Crow and do not wish to see it applied all over again, this time against unmarried couples.

    I do have a good feeling this amendment is GOING DOWN.

    – Marc D.

    Comment by Marc D | September 19, 2006 | Reply

  2. Good point, Marc. The older generations are also filled with people whose young romances were destroyed by parents that refused to accept “intermarriages” of various kinds, and that’s what this reminds them of. The fact that George Allen’s mother had to keep the fact that she was Jewish a secret so she and her beloved could marry is just the most recent reminder.

    A lot of these folks can see straight through the rhetoric to the sheer cruelty intended by the amendment.

    Comment by David | September 24, 2006 | Reply

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