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Offering a Forum to Discuss the Pros and Cons of the Marshall/Newman Amendment

More Voices Raised Against Ballot Question #1

Letters to the editor in today’s Richmond Times Dispatch ….

Commentary, Judge Not; Rather, Understand by John W. Priddy, Salem physician from the Roanoke Times, September 8:

Opposition to the proposed marriage amendment against gay and civil unions in Virginia is not limited to “godless” liberals. An evangelical Christian and Baptist, once a young Republican, I join many believers who firmly oppose the amendment. This should give pause to those who crafted this amendment on political grounds; as such it is like a house built upon sand. Should it pass, it will surely one day be repealed, for we have learned well that fairness and justice ultimately prevail.

This is a bad amendment, denying our inalienable pursuit of happiness and certain legal and financial privileges to gays and those who elect civil union over marriage. The precedent is a threat to all Virginians. Who will be next?

People of faith can rally against the marriage amendment, because this is a straightforward civil rights issue. On this issue alone the amendment should never have passed committee. There were prophetic voices in opposition, but they were overpowered, and the course was set for the abuse of sacred Scripture and defamation of our constitution, all for the purpose of denying rights to Virginians. Now it is up to the fair-minded and reasonable to correct this course.

Voices from around Virginia, from different walks of life … united in saying NO.


September 10, 2006 - Posted by | Marriage equality, politics of marriage, religious doctrine, unintended consequences

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  1. Why be against marriage, it’s natural, isn’t it?

    Comment by After Marriage | September 21, 2009 | Reply

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