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Faith Leaders Take Stand Against Marshall/Newman Amendment

In an oped that appeared in the Newport News Daily Press yesterday, the co-ministers of the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalist Church wrote that today they’ll plant a sign in their yard announcing their opposition to Ballot Question #1, the proposed Marshall/Newman amendment. 

Why have they taken this very public step?  Here’s what they said:

We have not stepped into this controversy simply to uphold abstract values. When we say “we,” we mean a church that includes gay people. The straight people and gay people in our church take care of one another – listening compassionately to stories of pain and loss, helping out when illness or other misfortune strikes, celebrating successes, worshipping together, raising families together, and building a church community together. We are neighbors in the particulars of daily existence. If your neighbors were attacked, would you turn away, or would you stand with them? How could love of your neighbor call for anything less?

In the present controversy, we ask ourselves, “who is our neighbor?” Our faith tradition gives us a clear, resounding answer: all people – with no one left out, no one belittled, no one cast outside the circle of blessing. We reach out to our gay brothers and sisters throughout Virginia as neighbors who are threatened by a law born of fear and hatred. And we reach out to you as neighbors, asking for your public declaration and your vote on November 7 – against the marriage amendment and in favor of values we can all embrace as sacred: the power of promising, the holiness of marriage, and the blessings that flow from loving our neighbors. Amen.

They are not alone … The Commonwealth Coalition has as its members a growing number of congregations and faith communities that have united around one word … that word is NO.

NO to writing discrimination into our founding document, the first in the world to protect individual rights against the government.

NO to authorizing further government intrusion into our faith traditions and our private lives.


NO to the intended and unintended consequences of this proposal for ALL unmarried Virginians.


September 10, 2006 - Posted by | religious doctrine, unintended consequences

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