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Saturday Surfing

Just a quick roundup of some of the “conversations” ongoing out in the blogosphere about the so-called “marriage amendment”:

One Christian’s View on the Marriage Amendment … why  a self-described thinking Christian will vote NO

Virginia Conservative Analysis … crusading for the amendment … has a “hall of fame” of pro-amendment blog posts in a convenient blogroll that also highlights NOVATownHall

Equality Loudoun … “outs” the proponents of the amendment as flip floppers who say one thing during the campaign and another after they have deceived voters into supporting their view

Shredding the Social Contract … would be so much more compelling if Jerry hadn’t had to overlook some basic facts like the GA court and Nebraska court decisions being overrruled to get himself in such high dudgeon

Marriage Amendment Ad … titled For God’s Design …

Virginia A Bell Weather for the Red Tide … or not?

Conservative Sense on the “Marriage Amendment”  commenting on Judge Wilkinson

Famous Virginian Against the Marshall Newman Amendment  reading the Federalist Papers

Is Your Business Safe? an interesting question …

The more you learn the less there is to like about this proposal ….

It’s not ready for prime time, much less enshrinment in our constitution.


September 9, 2006 - Posted by | unintended consequences


  1. […] The final irony, and as Blogging the Amendment points out, his argument would be more compelling if Mr. Fuhrman didn’t need to hide it, is that these couples who are petitioning the courts are losing. The courts are, with the exception of Massachusetts, uniformly saying that this matter is for the legislature to decide, and that is where it will ultimately be decided. The Marshall/Newman amendment has absolutely zero to do with these court challenges in other states, and everything to do with setting the stage for even more heinous anti-privacy legislation that will drag Virginia back into the 19th century. […]

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  2. wow! good one Here’s some thing to make you smile: Thought for the day? : If Joe was such a hot-shot carpenter, why couldn’t he whip up a groovy little cradle for Baby J.?

    Comment by Garnett Lutter | September 7, 2011 | Reply

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