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Monk from Coalition Partner We The People Speaks Out

Linda Monk from Coalition member organization, We the People PAC, had an OpEd on amending the constitution published Monday in the RTD. 

Writing in A Higher Standard: Defending Virginia’s Declaration of Rights, Professor Monk argues that voters must set a high standard for approving any amendment to George Mason’s Declaration of Rights.  Pointing out that Virginia was the first governing body in the world to adopt a statement recognizing and protecting individual rights, Professor Monk says:

Virginia has a higher standard, and a higher responsibility, when changing its cherished Declaration of Rights. As Virginians, we have a special duty to defend the core idea of constitutionalism: that our highest form of law should express fundamental rights, not become a referendum on the issues of the day.

Monk concludes that recent polls confirming voters’ hesitancy to vote to amend the bill of rights shows their good sense.

Equality Loudoun has a good post on Linda’s piece.


August 8, 2006 - Posted by | discrimination, limited government

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