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Simple Message for Voters: Just Read It!

Today’s editorial in the Virginian Pilot points out the obvious: “all amendment opponents have to do is get Virginians to read one more paragraph before they pull the lever.” 

Describing the broad-based Coalition opposing the amendment as “hardly a wild-eyed group,” the editorial’s key point is that a careful reading of the language alone makes clear that the “[Marshall/Newman] amendment is so broad that no one can accurately forecast its unintended consequences on private agreements that have nothing to do with the marriage vows.”

The editorial decries efforts by the proponents of the amendment to paint the amendment as a simple definitional statement, and points to the fact that the key to its defeat it is in the sweeping breadth of the proposal itself:

It would, quite simply, put a cloud over legal arrangements made between unmarried parties, gay or straight. And in that fatal insult to fair play lies the only chance to defeat it.

Our challenge is clear.

Communicate a simple and compelling message — read before you vote!

In the words of the title to a wonderful documentary about the successful efforts of Cincinnati residents to repeal a law denying the City’s gay citizens protection against job discrimination, all we need is “a blinding flash of the obvious.”


August 4, 2006 - Posted by | politics of marriage, unintended consequences

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