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Unintended Consequences

Found this quote from Senator George Allen over on Raising Kaine:

“I’m really concerned about the unintended consequences of hasty government action, worrying about a perceived problem that has not yet occurred, and then doing something that ends up being untoward.”

Sounds like an effective argument against the Marshall/Newman amendment. 

But, it seems the Senator was addressing the reasons why the Congress shouldn’t act “rashly,” without understanding the consequences, on internet neutrality legislation.

Applying the Senator’s words to the Marshall/Newman amendment: there is no “fire” here; there is no problem to be addressed in Virginia; no one has made the case why the Virginia bill of rights should be amended to include discriminatory language that no one understands, and that we all have reason to believe will intrude government into the private lives of every unmarried Virginian.

Let’s all vote NO against the Marshall/Newman amendment that represents “hasty government action” “worrying about a perceived problem that has not occured” and will certainly “end up being untoward” for thousands of Virginians and their families.


July 28, 2006 - Posted by | politics of marriage, unintended consequences

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